We will always be here to help you through one of life’s most difficult times. Church of England funerals are available to everyone, and we hope that we can give you support at this difficult time before, during and after the service.

Each person is unique – in personality and in life experience. In our funerals we give you the opportunity to give thanks for the unique person you knew and loved in a way that gives comfort and hope.

We also want to express something of the hope that God gives us in the assurance that nothing can separate us from the love of God. Christians believe that when we die God promises that we will be with him in a wonderful place where death and pain are gone forever. Whatever the circumstances of death these words of hope are a great comfort to those who attend a funeral. Hope is not just for the person who has died, it’s for the people who remain behind. It gives us something to hold on to. We are surrounded by creation with signs of things that die and come back to life, and that’s a wonderful metaphor of hope.

We would encourage you to get in touch to talk about how the funeral can express your thanks for your loved one’s life and reflect something of their presence.

You can email the minister Rev Nicki Pennington on

It also might be helpful for you to have a look at the Church of England’s Funerals website.