Through the Window in Lent: Week Two: Birds

During the first lockdown we put birdfeeders in our tree. We were, and are amazed at how many birds come to the tree: greenfinches goldfinches, great tits, chaffinches, bullfinches, robins. Then collared doves, dunnocks and pigeons come to feed on the ground under the tree where seed has been dropped by the greenfinches (messy eaters!).


The birds have become quite precious to us. We feel a responsibility for them – making sure there is always food. We see how they live alongside one another including different types. There is an occasional scrap but it’s quite rare. Different types will feed together on the same feeder They will cue up on the branches waiting for their turn on the feeders.
I can’t help remembering that Jesus is reported as saying that God’s dream for us all is like a tree where all the birds of the air make their home in its branches.

Something to think about...

Can you see anything from your window that means a lot to you?

Can you see anything from your window to encourage you about our human relationships?

What keeps your hope for a better world alive?