Through the window in Lent: Week three: Flowers

Most days we walk up and down our garden path for at least 20 minutes. In the summer months we were passing close by a reddish pink hydrangea bush.


Each hydrangea flower head consists of lots of small flowers, each of which has at its centre what appears to be another smaller flower. Each individual element is lovely in its own right, but together they make an even more lovely whole – and one that attracts the birds and bees.

This year we have depended on family and friends for shopping and prescriptions, emails, phone calls, photos of things we can’t visit for ourselves, and unexpected treats. All of which we are very grateful for in their own right. Added together they are enriching our lives in a wonderful way.
In the care and generosity we are being shown we recognize and feel the gracious love of God.

Something to think about…

  • Have you had to depend on others during this past year?
  • Do you find it difficult to depend on others?
  • Are you able to ‘lean on’ God in challenging times?