Through the Window in Lent.

Week Four: Clouds

We do rather well for sunsets from both the front and back bedroom windows of our house. We often call to one another – “come and look at the sunset”. Depending on the cloud cover, the normally white grey or black clouds take on such beautiful colours as the sun drops below the western horizon.


As I look at a sunset, I can’t help but bring to mind words from a hymn: “The sun that bids us rest is waking our brethren ‘neath the western sky”. People I’ve never heard of, but real people with real lives are ever waking to a new day, as the sun goes on setting and rising. And I somehow catch a vision of the family of our world of which I am apart. People living in a multitude of different situations and circumstances, but all part of who we all are, part of who I am. And I am humbled by the privilege of belonging.

Something to think about…

Might the setting sun help you bring to mind people far away?

Can you find anything through your window that helps you a feel part of something greater?

How about taking pictures of different cloud formations when they catch your imagination and express different things to you?