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Coast to Fells Mission Community Camino to COP26

The climate crisis is growing ever more urgent each day. As Christians we are called to play our part in shaping a better future. God calls us to love one another and to help build his kingdom here on earth. As Christians we embrace the biblical mandate to care for and safeguard creation.

This year is a momentous opportunity to do just that. The world leaders gathering in Glasgow in November for COP 26 have an opportunity to put in place measures that will drastically reduce our carbon footprint. It’s also an opportunity to recognise that climate-vulnerable countries cannot access finance for adaptation and climate-induced loss and damages without incurring further debt. By offering meaningful and effective support and aid, we can stand in solidarity with our global community.

In June this year a group of young Christians (YCCN) from all denominations set off from Lands End (Cornwall) to walk to Glasgow in time for the COP 26 Conference which begins on 1st November. Along the way they are engaging with local communities raising awareness of the issues of climate change and climate justice. People from local communities have been joining them for sections of their walk as their route progressed through their parishes and communities.

Unfortunately, their route, once they reach Manchester, veers off to the East Coast, bypassing Cumbria. To show solidarity, and to join in this awareness raising pilgrimage, and to encourage our communities to pray and take action to reduce their own carbon footprint, leaders from our churches in the Coast to Fells Mission Community are planning their own pilgrimage to coincide with the YCCN pilgrimage taking place on the other side of the country.

Beginning on the Tuesday 5th October and ending on the Thursday 7th October, Leaders from our Mission Community, joined by folks from our communities and parishes, will be walking around all the churches in our Mission Community to raise awareness of the issue of climate change and the COP 26 Conference in Glasgow. We will be visiting all 16 churches in our community, pausing at each one to pray. Over the three days we will be walking 34 miles. We would like to invite folks to join with us for as much or as little as you can manage. See the detailed itinerary here. If walking is not for you then do meet with us for our prayer services at the beginning and end of each day and/or when we visit your church on route.

Prayer for COP26

Creator God, giver of life, you sustain the earth and direct
the nations. In this time of climate crisis, grant us clarity to
hear the groaning of creation and the cries of the poor.
Challenge us to change our lifestyles. Guide our leaders to
take courageous action. Enable your church to be a beacon
of hope. And foster within us a renewed vision of your
purposes for your world, through Jesus Christ our Lord,
by and for whom all things were made.


(Archbishop of York).